Lafayette Indiana Holiday Inn Hotel

The relaunch of the Holiday Inn brand is the largest in the history of the hotel industry. More than 3,400 hotels around the world are being updated and improved in quality by adding new hotels, restaurants and new amenities to their portfolio. The Holiday Inn Express portfolio continues to expand to markets in the New York City metropolitan area, providing guests with an enhanced stay experience and value. Guests can register by calling 1-888-211-9874 or by visiting to obtain free membership to the Priority Club Rewards.

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Guests at Holiday Inn Express Lafayette will experience a comfortable and intelligent environment to ensure a productive stay whether traveling for business or pleasure. Business travelers will find the amenities, amenities and amenities of the hotel, as well as a wide range of guest amenities.

Guests will enjoy SimplySmart (tm) linens, where they will find new, fresh linens that offer the latest and best in modern, high quality, eco-friendly design and comfort.

The staff at the Holiday Inn have also worked hard to provide guests with the service they expect. The breakfast bar offers a variety of breakfast items, including a rich breakfast buffet, breakfast sandwiches and breakfast burritos, as well as the newly expanded complimentary express. Express features an in-room seating area, a coffee maker with the latest and best products made from modern, environmentally friendly coffee and tea, and a coffee bar. Stay for real and upgrade to a new, real-time, curved rod bath with a cinnamon-scented bath product and a fresh, fresh shower.

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