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Welcome to the Red Lion Inn, the Northside Inn in Lafayette, Indiana, a short drive from Lafayette Riverfront Park and Recreation Center, at the intersection of Lafayette Road and Riverview Drive, near the River Park and recreation center. We welcome you to the North Side of the Inn, located at the north end of LaFayette Avenue, right next to Riverside Park & Recreation Centre. Welcome to the Red lion Hotel, a new riverfront hotel just blocks from Lafayette.

Reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more are available at the Red Lion Inn, the Northside Inn in Lafayette, Indiana, just a short drive from Lafayette Riverfront Park and Recreation Center, near the intersection of Lafayette Road and Riverview Drive. View the menu on the north side of the Rochester Zomato Inn or follow it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and other social media sites. View the menu at the Northside Inn in Rochester, Michigan, just a few blocks from the Rochester Park & Recreation Center. View the menu at the Southside Hotel at Southside Hospitality, half a mile (800 meters) from the park and riverside recreation center.

Find out more about the Northside Park hotel by checking your hotel guests or calling us at 877 - 788 - 467 - 8477. Find the lowest rates and search for hotels in Lafayette, Indiana, Lafayette Riverfront Park and Recreation Center. Free parking at Red Lion Inn, Southside Hotel at South side Hospitality and great rates at Rochester Zomato Inn.

If you like golf, you might want to see some pictures of golfers on the wall from events at the nearby Oak Hill Country Club.

A taxi or ride-sharing service to the nearest airport or hotel in Indianapolis is often the most cost-effective and effective transportation solution. The best way for guests to get to the Hilton Garden Inn in Lafayette, Ind., from Indianapolis is by car, taxi or ride-sharing. Please call 1-765-743-2100 for assistance regarding transportation, parking and other questions.

t want to rent a car to visit West Lafayette, you can always take a shuttle from the Hilton Garden Inn parking lot, provided by the Lafayette Police Department, Lafayette Fire Department and Lafayette County Sheriff's Office. A free shuttle service is available between the hotel and Indianapolis International Airport at Northside Inn Vista Rooms.

Business travelers can stay in the free business center or turn on their computer in the Hilton Garden Inn business center in the lobby. Business travellers can also take advantage of free Wi-Fi internet access and hotel facilities. Business travelers can connect and unplug from our complimentary business center.

Facilities at the hotel include a bar, restaurant, outdoor pool and private dining area. Guests at the Hilton Garden Inn have access to all the pub's facilities, including free Wi-Fi internet access and hotel facilities.

Northside Economy Hotels are plentiful in the hospitality industry, but the Red Roof Inn stands out among the many options. The $45 is a sought-after 2-star hotel located on No. 2 on the north side of Lafayette, just a few blocks from the Hilton Garden Inn.

The Williams College campus is directly across the street and the Williams Theater Festival is just one block away. The inn is within walking distance of Lucas Oil Stadium, the University of Indiana, Lafayette College and Lafayette High School, all within easy walking distance.

Northside Kitchen satisfies your hunger for home-cooked fare with home-made roast beef, lavished with fresh herbs and spices, fresh fruit and vegetables and a wide range of toppings. Take a convenient snack from the gazebo's pantry (s) or enjoy an American classic at the Great American Grill. The North Side cuisine offers a full menu of delicious dishes including chicken wings, tender ribs, pork chops, chicken and pork ribs and more! Take a practical snack in the pavilion pantry or enjoy an American classic and enjoy a wide selection of hot dogs, hamburgers, burgers, chips, sandwiches and more.

Buying a Northside Inn gift on gift is an easy way to send money to use it at the north side of the inn in the form of a gift card or gift certificate. The post - holder is located on the right, next to the front door, near the main entrance and the gazebo.

Located just four blocks from Purdue University, the hotel is close to several business locations including Wabash National, Landis & Gyr and Powers, as well as several businesses and locations in Lafayette, Indiana. Located in the heart of Lafayette on the south side of the city, south of downtown, this hotel features an indoor pool. Located just blocks from Indiana State University campus, this hotel is the only full-service hotel with a restaurant, bar and barber shop. Just three blocks north of Purdue, at the southern end of the city, there is also a restaurant and bar, as well as an outdoor patio with outdoor seating and picnic tables.

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